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Mark Levinsky MS, LMHC has been supporting, advising and transforming others professionally since 1986. He is a licensed psychotherapist, a life coach and a certified instructor for a personal development seminar.
As a licensed mental health counselor Mark has vast experience treating individuals who experience a variety of mental health as well as substance abuse issues. He utilizes a range of treatment modalities including cognitive behavioral, psychodynamic and inner child based work. He has worked across multiple levels of care including inpatient hospitalization/rehabilitation, intensive outpatient, school based counseling and outpatient. Mark treats individuals, couples and families. He also has facilitated a variety of psycho educational and psychotherapeutic groups.
As a life coach Mark has developed Intentional Living a program geared towards assisting clients in discovering their life purpose and creating purposeful intent towards their goals and aspirations. Mark has written a workbook titled Intentional Living: Living Your Life with Purpose and Vision. He also offers an eight week workshop and individual coaching sessions for those who desire deeper work in this area.
Most recently Mark, along with his colleague Amanda Patterson LMHC, have created Succeed U a coaching program geared towards assisting high school students successfully transition and thrive in a college setting. The program offers an extensive needs assessment as well as targeting coaching to strengthen any areas that are of concern.
With an intuitive sense for helping others, Mark takes pride in his ability to assist others in personal change. Through his own personal development work, continued educational training and professional reading Mark continually strives to be the best instrument of change he can be.