Intentional Living Coaching

Awaken Your Life’s Purpose


Intentional Living is a coaching program designed to create a life of your dreams! Through guided self-exploration, practical solutions and support, your dreams turn into your reality!
The program is based on a workbook entitled Intentional Living: Living Your Life with Purpose and Vision. This valuable resource assists you in identifying your purpose, creating a clear life vision and developing the tools needed to achieve your dreams through Intentional Living.
In addition to the workbook, Intentional Living offers additional options for enhanced personal development:
Option 1: Eight Week Coach Facilitated Workshop: There is great synergy that comes from sharing your work with others. Through support, tools, exercises, accountability and cheering, this is an excellent opportunity to expand the results from the workbook. It provides a valuable opportunity to gain extra insights.
Option 2: Weekly Individual Coaching Calls: Having your own personal coach by your side fosters great comfort and accelerates change. It creates a safe environment where deeper exploration of your change process can be done. This option provides support, tailored exercises, unique tools, accountability and cheering for the work that you do.

Your Coach

Mark Levinsky, MS, LMHC has been supporting, advising and transforming others professionally since 1986. He is a licensed psychotherapist, a life coach and a certified instructor for a personal development seminar. With an intuitive sense for helping others, Mark takes pride in his ability to assist others in personal change.