Psychotherapy Services

Manage your mental health


Mental health is important. It is as important as our physical health. Untreated mental health and substance abuse issues cause unnecessary pain to both the individual and their loved ones. It becomes a major obstacle in functioning towards one’s true potential. School, work and relationships suffer.   Society also pays a price.
Unfortunately many either are not aware of or don’t realize the importance of treating their mental health issues.  If there is awareness, some may be embarrassed to treat their issue based on a stigma about having a mental health issue.  They also may think that there is no hope or possibility that their condition can get better. There is hope.  Mental health can be managed. There is nothing wrong about seeking help in fact it is a courageous act.
Psychotherapy, “the talking treatment”, provides a safe venue where clients can freely express their innermost thoughts and emotions. There is an immense curative factor that comes from the listening ear of a therapist. By hearing themselves speak out loud clients often put pieces of their experience together and find solutions. The therapist through active listening suggests additional pieces and solutions for consideration. Through psychotherapy clients achieve better understanding of their thoughts, feelings and behaviors as well as the effects they are having on their current situation. Coping tools such as thought control, symptom/mood management, skill building and relapse prevention are presented and practiced. Through experiential exercises, the therapist encourages the client to “try on” new ways of being in session and between sessions.  These experiential alternatives serve as powerful life changing lessons.  Homework is often suggested to solidify change.
Psychotherapy and substance abuse services begin with a confidential diagnostic evaluation. Feedback is provided as to what clinical issues are present and recommendations for continued care if applicable are provided. Therapeutic goals are discussed and agreed upon.   A plan of care is then formulated and implemented. If a higher level of care is needed the client is provided with resources and assistance in obtaining the necessary care.

Your Therapist

Mark Levinsky MS, LMHC has been supporting, advising and transforming others professionally since 1986.  As a licensed mental health counselor Mark has vast experience treating individuals who experience a variety of mental health as well as substance abuse issues. He utilizes a range of treatment modalities including cognitive behavioral, psycho-dynamic and inner child based work.  He has worked across multiple levels of care including inpatient hospitalization/rehabilitation, intensive outpatient, school based counseling and outpatient. Mark treats individuals, couples and families.  He also has facilitated a variety of psycho educational and psychotherapeutic groups.