Blocked... Seeking freedom?

Let’s find your key

Have you ever felt blocked? Where you are attempting to get what you want but something or someone is in your way? You want and deserve more but can’t see a way through the obstacle. Out of frustration, you want to give up.

Let’s admit it. Life can be challenging. We can have all the clarity and drive we need to obtain what we most want, but that doesn’t guarantee smooth sailing. Obstacles, both outside of us as well as inside, often get in our way.

That feeling of blocked can come from so many different avenues. Sometimes we battle negative people that demand more and more from us, until we’re completely wrung out. They may become fearful and judgmental of our progress. When we succeed, they feel threatened with fears of abandonment and lash out.

Other times we are blocked by the environment we live or work in. When we feel beaten down every day, how can we foster a well-spring of growth and change? What if we never had a mentor, role model or vision of success growing up. How would we know a path towards growth and health?

Obstacles can come externally, but often we hold our own stumbling blocks inside of us. Those negative belief systems we carry about ourselves, others and the world that discourage any form of positive change. Limiting beliefs that tell us that we are not competent, hold no self-worth, limited choice and do not deserve freedom. There also may be mental health issues, that make change seem impossible or much more difficult. Untreated anxiety, depressive, other mood, substance use, and trauma related disorders create a strong current against any effort of change. With support and treatment comes greater success.

These obstacles can leave us feeling frustrated, helpless and hopeless. When we feel blocked from our wants, it is easy to see ourselves as a victim of life. The unfortunate outcome is giving up.

Imagine for a moment a life in which you are free of obstacles. Where you have minimized any internal obstacles and have strong boundaries with all external obstacles. Imagine a life where you are creating a life of your choosing. Where you are developing a concept of thriving. How does that feel? Do you want that?

This is the time to seek support from a caring and understanding individual. From someone who has experienced being blocked from freedom and has found solutions. Someone who can help you gain your freedom by finding your key.

We have a lot in common you and I. In childhood, my family’s success rose and sank with my father’s depression. As the eldest, I was put in a position to take on responsibilities beyond my capacity. Throughout my childhood, my needs were not met and I often felt that my life was not mine. I felt alone, afraid and stuck. As I grew older, I experienced extreme anxiety and doubt when it was time to leave for college. Ultimately, leaving was the best for me as it gave me space to create and live my life. This was my key.

I never want another person to suffer through the pain of frustration, overwhelm and hopelessness again. Your search for your key can begin today by scheduling a free phone consultation with me.

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