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Hello and welcome to my practice

Although this must be a difficult time, I’m so glad you are here.  Reaching out for assistance is a powerful step.  It’s a sign of courage, hope and possibility.  Believe it or not, by reading this, change is already happening.  You might be feeling some relief by my words.  At the same time, you might be resisting this relief through negative self-talk.  Pay attention to your thoughts right now and notice any push/pull you are experiencing.  Do you feel the tug of war?  We all go through this.  This is the process of change.  It’s important to have an ally here.  Someone to help you stay focused on your well-being.      

I combine psychotherapy and coaching in my work.  Instead of being a typical, “how did that make you feel?” therapist, I help engage you in active change.  Picture a collaborative relationship where we work together on overcoming obstacles; empowering your strengths; and building momentum towards your goals.  As my tagline states, cultivating growth together.  

Your journey starts now.  Click on the topic you believe best fits what you are struggling with now.  You’ll be directed to make some choices, all of which will lead us closer to understanding how we can work best together.  Would therapy, coaching or a combination of the two be the right fit for you?  Let’s discover it together.    

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