Lost... Searching for a way?

Let me be your guide

Have you ever felt lost? Where you cannot figure out where to start? Confused with which direction to go? You know you want more, but do not know what or how to get it.

Let’s admit it. Life can be confusing. We have so many roles, each with too many options. We often struggle with who we want to become. We feel lost finding our mate, our purpose, career, our impact in this world. So many questions and behind each is one decision after another. It can be exhausting to even try to answer one small question at a time.

Even for those who have experienced an ideal childhood, filled with positive role models, safety and support, we can struggle to find our true selves. We might know our family and friends have our back with whatever path we choose, but the choosing still feels impossible. We might have too much support we depend on that now being on our own has us spinning our wheels, directionless and lost.

For those of us who experienced difficulties growing up, we might have practice only making survival decisions – What can I eat now? Am I safe? Where can I sleep tonight? What do I do? Now, that you are in a place of safety and security, it can be immensely difficult to “see” a path forward. There is no concept of thriving. We may have never experienced it before in our lives, how can we expect ourselves to find it on our own. It would be like teaching a student calculus when they’ve never learned addition! These experiences can leave us feeling lost, inadequate and alone.

Imagine, for a moment, a life of unquestioned clarity. Where you can look within and from your intuitive space declare your truth. Imagine, a life of decisive direction. Where you are moving towards the choices you have made. How does that feel? Would you like that?

This is the time to seek support from a caring and understanding individual. From someone who has experienced being lost and then found again. Someone who can help guide you through your journey.

We have a lot in common you and I. My journey took me from a childhood filled with the pain of anxiety and confusion watching my father struggle mightily with his depression. Where I felt the burden of “fixing” my family and being strong, even though I was only a child. Thanks to my mentors, therapists and family by choice, I have grown through these experiences into a dedicated helper.

I never want another person to suffer through the pain of being lost, feeling hopeless again. Your search for your guide can begin today by scheduling a free phone consultation with me. Whatever phase of life you are in, I will be there with you. Let me be your guide.

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