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Don't dip; Dive in!

Remember that cold pool? Dipping your toe in to test the temperature? And when it was cold, what were the chances of diving in? Slim to none.

Remember diving in, despite the cold? The initial shock to the body that felt amazing? How alive and invigorated you were in that moment?

Too often, we don't dive into our desires due to the figurative cold of fears; limiting beliefs; and not good enoughs. This is unfortunate, as in these moments we are not fully alive. We are sitting at the side of the pool watching others swim.

For me, I have learned most about myself; and what I am capable of, when I have faced my fears; limiting beliefs; and not good enoughs by diving in. During these experiences, I have witnessed my mind fight my actions; get excited as a result of my actions; and at times judge my actions. Amazing learning experiences.

I invite everyone to dive into your desires!

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