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Start asking "why?" again

Knowing our "why?", is imperative in living intentionally. Answers to our "why?", provides the fuel and generates the momentum toward achieving our purpose. Additionally, having a strong "why?" pushes us through any barriers that lie in our way.

For many of us, we have stopped asking "why?" Why is that?As children, we were full of "whys?". We were deeply curious, and wanted to know why things were what they were. You were lucky, if you had parents who encouraged and fostered asking "why?" If you had such parents, you are most likely still curious and asking many questions. Unfortunately, for many of us, we were discouraged from questioning. Our questions were seen as a nuisance and treated accordingly. This, ultimately left us with the message "it is what it is". "It is what it is", is the kryptonite to intentional living.

It is never too late to start asking "why?" again. I invite everyone to start getting curious again. Go through life looking at the world with your child's eyes and ask a ton of "whys?" And, before you say or do anything, ask yourself "why?" If your "why?" is in alignment with your purpose, you are truly intentional.

Make it a great day!

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